Prescription Renewals & Medical Advice

Prescription Renewals

If you have a regular prescription it can be frustrating and time consuming to have to arrange an appointment to see your doctor for a repeat prescription. Especially when the actual process doesn’t take that long, yet you may have had to take an hour if not more out of your day to pick up the valuable slip of paper then go to the pharmacy to collect it. However, with MeeDoc this is all a thing of the past. The app facilitates instant messaging, video calls and photos, which can make communicating with your doctor much simpler. When you know your prescription is running out, you can simply log in to the app and get in touch with your doctor directly and ask for a renewal and they will arrange for it to be delivered to your nearest pharmacy.

Medical Advice

There are other benefits to the MeeDoc app too, as it allows you to connect directly with medical professionals, from Maternity Nurses and GPs, to Dermatologists and Psychiatrists. You can seek general medical advice from a GP or more specific advice from trained professionals whatever your medical query.

Not only that, but you can also receive treatment through the app too via video calls and instant messaging. Whether you’ve got severe backache or muscle pains, suffering with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or you have been taken down with the flu, you can connect immediately with the right medical specialist to get advice and treatment suggestions to put you on the road to recovery.

No more delays

The future for medical care with MeeDoc is a stress free, secure and confidential treatment process whatever your requirements, wherever you are. When it comes to your health, now you don’t have to wait to be treated. You can skip the long waiting list and have immediate access to your doctor and the help you need. From medical advice to prescription renewal it’s a straightforward process bringing medical care into your home when you need it most. Make your life simpler and fit your medical care into your own schedule and be part of the future with MeeDoc.